Sunday, 29 May 2011

Back To Business!!

It was cold enough to run dogs this morning in the valley, but the smoke and dust was pretty thick, so I decided to just take the Tramplings for a walk.
Mark assured me he had been walking them during the week I was away and that, with the capable assistance of Bet, they were relatively easy to keep under control!!

Back and forth....back and forth....back and forth - but, as promised, under 'control'.

Well, sort of!!!

About half way through the run, Cricket joined in. She made it very clear that she was 'on duty' and didn't have time to play.

Ah, a guard dog's life is tiring business....

The Tramplings terrorized the woods a while longer before heading back home to breakfast!!!

The are a cool bunch of youngsters and alot of fun to stomp through the woods with!!



mgailt said...

What a great bunch of Kidz they look to be, Karen. How Ice 'n Ayla would envy their "freedom to run".

Diana Miller said...

these are just really great photos,
such cuties. and they were born to run! and some are flying. great shot!

Anonymous said...

They're all so stinking cute!!! I love the pics w/Cricket. You got some really great photos.
Sitka's Mom Lisa