Friday, 6 May 2011

What's In The Box? Now You'll Know - The Cartoonist

There's nothing better for a cartoonist than a running joke.

There are quite a few going on through the years, starting with Karen's admission that when she cooked, the fire alarm often went off because it was poorly placed too close to the stove, causing Kara to scurry out of the house quickly whenever Karen went into the kitchen.  The fire extinguisher became Kara's constant companion:

The planter:


During the 2008 Iditarod, Karen's pants took a beating.  First, nearly losing them while being dragged through rocks
Then when she caught them on fire:

I admit... I obsess about the pants on fire
On the NorthWapiti mail list, Karen mentioned that while training on the ATV: "When I got back from my run yesterday it was -27C (-17F). Sitting on a giant chunk of metal for 4 hours at those temperatures is not my definition of fun."

While other list members suggested various electronic devices, like hand warmers, to solve the problem, I pitched in with: "Have you tried setting your pants on fire? Seems to work during
Iditarods :)"

Those pants were legendary... at least to me.

So a while back I get an intriguing e-mail from Karen saying a box is on the way.  I've learned never to ask, but was curious.  I mean, I have just about everything "North Wapiti": t-shirts, jackets, sweatpants (which I live in), I've been sent booties, pictures, and other cool stuff to auction off for fundraisers... so what could it be?

Some of the possibilities in my head were:
A life-sized sheep
A Border Collie stuffed dog
A live Trampling (I did ask if the box had holes)
The Planter
A Fire Extinguisher

So, when the box arrived, and I opened it, initially I was a bit confused, because I thought it was a fleece jacket (already have one), and then I read the handwritten note:
Yes, its THE pants!  Complete with burn holes and bits of melted tupperware

The pants that traveled the entire length of the Iditarod.  The pants that are covered in Pretty Sled Dog fluff.  The pants that are immortalized in cartoon form....
ARE MINE!!!!! 

Then yesterday I get an e-mail from Karen telling me to check out the Kentucky Derby horses... I would know which one.

Yep... Pants On Fire.

When I saw the name, I shrieked with laughter... on my deck... at 7am (sorry neighbors).  As odd as it may sound, its like a whole cosmic convergence and too perfect to be coincidental, and in my cartoon brain, it means all is right with the world.

Thank you my friend, I'll cherish them forever :)


BADASmusher said...

OMG!!!! I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD her at work! That is great and gives new meaning to the sisterhood of the traveling pants!!!!!

apackmember2 said...

TOOOOO funny:) thanks for sharing! LOL

BarbSchaefer said...

I remember all to well your "pants on fire" Great story I nearly wet my pants reading it! ;-)

granimar said...

Hey Penny, what a terrific treasure. How many great laughs we've had over the seasons with Karen and fire. I love her description of "undergrown" her pants. Now that is an accomplishment I truly envy.
Thanks for sharing another great laugh.

Marilyn said...

An item you will treasure always I'm sure :)

Karen said...

It's a real treasure of life, to have such good friends,and such good stories and memories. Thanks for including all of us!!

djqhusky said...

What a great story!!!! Karen has such a great sense of humor, and Penny is excellent in her writing about Karen's shenanigans. You two are a lively combo that I never tire reading whatever you do and write about.

Nannette Morgan said...

I was just reading the NY Times Sports section where it showed the female jockey and Pants on Fire. I was about to write to the List when up popped this blog! Too funny. I think we should all put bets on Pants on Fire!! Great gift for you Penny!

Anonymous said...

...Sort of like Queen Victoria's drawers....