Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Musher's Travels - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody, its the perkier staycation Border Collie, Bet, here!

I have to admit, I was pretty down yesterday, being left at home and all.  I really do love an adventure and felt rotten about having to stay home, but I decided to make the most of it.

Today I spent some time with the Tramplings
Then I downloaded a cool movie that I found on the Interwebs.  I think its a crime mystery because its called "When Good Ewes Go Baaaaaad", so I'll watch that tonight with some popcorn when the musher guy is asleep.

The best part is that I was able to hack into the Musher's personal Facebook thing and I can follow along with her adventures and even report them to you!  Isn't that cool!!!  I love the Interwebs!

Ok, first of all, the Musher went to the airport and apparently got some very special attention from the people that make sure that you've packed everything that you need.  It seems that the Musher got pulled out from the machine that makes you glow and the kindly large inspector woman spoiled my surprise by revealing the tuna sandwich I taped to the Musher's bra in case she got hungry during her trip.
Apparently they were also a bit concerned that someone was wearing a parka and boots to the airport when it has been a bit warm around here... I guess they don't realize that Maine is cold.

Then there was some issue with weather (probably a LOT of snow in Maine) and the Musher's flights kept getting cancelled, so she was able to extend her stay at the lovely Toronto airport and experience the ambiance and unique sleeping accomodations.
For some reason the airport is half in Canada and half in that other land mass below Canada, and the Musher happened to be in the lower land mass side of the airport and unable to reach some guy named Tim and have a coffee, but she did find a great place to look at Tim and the coffee...
...until the bag searchers came and pulled her away from the window because not only was she fogging it up, but they were still a bit concerned about her parka, the tuna sandwich, and the high pitched keening noise she was making.

As of this afternoon she said she made it to Maine (probably thankful for the parka and boots), so I'll let you know what else I hear from her when she checks in again... oh, and don't tell her I can read her Facebook page... or that I signed her up for something called Farmville... it has sheepie things!


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Anonymous said...

So many chuckles from that story Bet! And Penny, you did a marvelous job drawing the musher! I hope she will enjoy Maine now that she finally made it there.
Sitka's Mom Lisa