Sunday, 15 May 2011

Time Out

Bet has a bad habit of running circles around our pens. Now not that running circles around a pen is a bad thing, but she will do it until she is well beyond exhausted. With the temperatures as warm as they have been lately I have to keep an extra careful eye on her.

One of the methods that works really well for managing her circling is putting her in a 'time out' on the ATV. I think Richard may have pioneered this 'dealing with neurotic border collie' technique. It's great, she doesn't seem to mind being there and doesn't try to sneak away every time I turn my back.

So today while I was shoveling the dog yard I put Bet in one of her 'time outs'.

Bait apparently felt sorry for the poor little pathetic Coolie, so decided that he was going to offer her some moral support.

One normal pet....I just want one normal pet.



Anonymous said...

You have some very high expectations, don't you?! Nice to know an ATV time out will work. Really enjoying all the blogs you, Penny and Bet have labored to put up--they keep me laughing!

Kathryn said...

If you had normal pets, your blogs wounldn't be as funny as they are. They keep us all entertained. Bait is one silly cat though.

The Thundering Herd said...

Normal? Normal is totally over-rated. Or, at least, The Herd would know what normal really means.

BADASmusher said...

a "Normal pet" but what fun would that be...? I think that was very cute!

Katerina said...

No you don´t :o)

Anonymous said...

Those 2 are quite the characters. They are such good buddies. I didn't realize how big Bait was. He is one good sized cat.
Normal is boring!
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Laura said...

I absolutely agree with Kathryn. If they were normal, you wouldn't have as much to write about!

Besides, Bait just knows which of the dogs to team up with... you know, the ones that won't eat him :)