Monday, 23 May 2011

SIGH - Bet

Sigh-dy ho, its your neglected and abandoned stationary Border Collie, Bet, here.
She probably didn't tell any of you... she actually didn't even tell me until she was packing.  The Musher has gone to that land mass down south to visit with Helen Who Smells Like Cookies.  Yes, MY Helen Handler (who smells like cookies).  I wasn't invited... something about customs and strip searches or something.

So, here I am again.  Alone.  All Alone with nobody to massage my crampy toes.  She didn't even have the courtesy of calling Richard back from across the pond to care for me.  Just me and NASCAR Angry Birds guy.

hmmm, what's that on the shelf... I wonder if its edible.

Anyway, maybe if I stay on the chair and sleep until she comes back she'll feel sorry and never leave me again.  I mean come on... who is going to report back all of her wonderful tales of Maine, where they make... hair for horses or something about lobsters (whatever those are).

I hope she appreciates that I dumped out all of her shorts and tank tops and packed her parka and boots.  I hear its cold in Maine.

- Bet


bwofa said...

God I love your "Bet" posts... and sorry you are alone Bet... but i am sure you will find something to do with your time... you are an extremely inteligent breed you know.:)

Susan said...

OK Bet, you complain when you are too busy, then you complain when they leave you alone...Little Border Collie, you really cannot have it both ways. We realize you are a very important part of North Wapiti, however this "feel sorry for me" stuff is getting out of hand. Tell NASCAR guy you love him and maybe he'll do something fun with you.

Anonymous said...

My goodness Bet, what would the musher do without your help. I bet she'll be so happy when she finds her parka in her suitcase. She'll probably laugh as much as I did while reading this blog.
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Helen Thorgalsen said...

Just so you are clear Bet, you were invited to come along on this trip to frolick on the beach and make new friends. Karen said something about the seagulls buzzing overhead and how miserable you would be waiting while we ate a lot of lobster. Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Bet, did you put that mysterious thingamajig on Musher so she had to do the full body scan and pat down? Now that wasn't a nice way to send her off, was it? I'm sure she's missing you too. Get your beauty rest now--you'll need it for when she gets back and you have to watch the Tramplings.