Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dear Greta - Bet

Dear Greta;

Thanks for the pictures. 

I wanted to come but... I had other plans.... or something... yeah... so....

I gotta go, I think I have something in my eye.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Bet. Greta made her sad. Bet I am sure your mom missed you while she was gone. But it sounds like you and your dad had a good time together.

Polly Bray said...

Keep your chin up Bet. Your mom left you at home and in charge because she knew only you could handle the job of keeping tabs on all the curly tails and the NASCAR Angry Birds guy. North Wapiti couldn't run without you. After all, who was smart enough to pack the parka and boots?

Anonymous said...

Bet, I'm sorry you feel so sad. I feel your pain and wish for you virtual lobsters in your kibble dish. May your dreams be filled with cookie smells and toe rubs.
Mary in Oregon

djqhusky said...

how sad.