Sunday, 1 May 2011

NEW! From BetCO - The Cartoonist

Neck Pain?  OH NO!

You've tried, pills

And expensive massage devices

But nothing helps that aching neck... until NOW!

Introducing the Neo Neck Warmer exclusively from BetCO

This self-warming device comes with 4 separate massage legs to soothe that ache and comfort you at the same time.  This hands free device doesn't require batteries or recharging, simply put the device on and its special shiatsu fluff will ease that pain away!  As an added bonus, it also comes with moist tongue massage!

Order now and we'll add the patented Chia Pyrenees!  Simply sprinkle the seeds into a planter and in a week, you will have a fully bloomed planter, great for party conversation or guarding your dog yard!

All you pay is shipping and handling!

Order now!

- The Cartoonist


Rob Fradette said...

I'll take both but Karen you already know that

Elaine MacDonald said...

LOL! I'm in for both, too.

Anonymous said...

Uuuuh, I love it!! I#ll take both, too
Anke Frerichs-Hemp

granimar said...

I really do have a bad neck and the neck warmer shown here looks like it would work better than any treatment I've had so far. Now the Chia plant looks like it's a winner too.

Susan said...

This was a welcome respite from grading papers! What a hoot. I'll take a Ryka neck warmer...

Karen said...

I can't type right now I am crying that was so funny!!!!
You left out the part of the "natural body heat function"
I'll take one of each, of course!!

mgailt said...

Count me in for the "set", too, please. OMG, you MADE my Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Penny, you've come up with some funny stuff but these were 2 of the very funniest. Cracked me up!!!!
I can'' get over how funny Cricket looks in that tub! That has to be the cutest neck warmer/healer I've ever seen!!
What a great end to my hectic day!
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Jenny Glen said...

I really need a Chia Pyr. It would look so good on my front porch!

Konuveres Kennel, Estonia said...

Your neck warmer is very good, I have tested that...but does Newfoundlands grow as easily as Chia Pyr? The colour suits me better.

Anonymous said...

Even though Bet got the tramplings outside, they must still be a bother for her!

I would instantly take both of them as I see others would also.

Maybe a newer, bigger planter for this summer?

Marcia from PA

Anniegirl said...

Poor Cricket...always has the 'why me' look! Thank goodness this Pyr also comes with the 'don't messs with me' look. And...I really, really want a Neo!!