Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dear Bet...

Dear Bet,

I am so sorry to read about how hard done by you feel for having to kennel sit for the week both your Dad and I were working at the Mill. We were very appreciative of everything that you did, but I feel obliged to point out a few discrepancies in your blog.

First off, I seem to recall doing my own laundry each night. Because I don't have alot of old clothes that fit anymore, I was wearing the same jeans to work each day and washing them at night. I seem to recall you sleeping on the couch while I was doing that.

I'd also like to point out that your cooking skills SUCK!!! Have you never heard of 'variety'??? I mean Eagle Pack kibble EVERY night for 7 nights?? Yes, my hair is shiny and my energy levels great, but really.....

I'm also alittle curious how it was that you fed the dog yard each night, as you simple refuse to acknowledge that the dog yard even exists.
Yes, you interact with puppies and one on one with the adult Siberians when they are out of the dog yard, but anyone that has spend any time here knows that you refuse to go into the main dog yard and that you pretend those dogs don't even exist.

And you also failed to mention to the folks the great 'thank you' you got for all your assistance and patience last week...your 'Mommy and Me' trip to Cooking Lake.

Maybe these pictures will help jog your memory. 

 Remember now???

Mom (aka The Musher)


Teanna said...

Border collies...


(what a face!what a character!)


Susan said...

Karen, that is funniest thing I've seen get the picture. You and Penny are just the comedy team of the century...keep 'em comin'.

Elaine said...

Poor Bet; mom's being mean by posting Parental Truths - which are never the same as kid truths (even fur kid, evidently).


Awesome. Absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

DITTO TO ALL THE ABOVE COMMENTS!!! I can't think of any better ways to say what I was thinking!
Just simply love it!
Sitka's Mom Lisa