Friday, 13 May 2011

My 'Office' This Past Week - Bet

Normally at this time of year pictures of my 'office' look like this -

 However, for the last week while the Musher has been looking like this...

I've had to take care of the homestead, and frankly I'm not very happy about it.

First of all, I really do think that humans have too many clothing things.  We dogs manage to wear our furs all year round without having to wash them, so I think its a bit ridiculous the amount of laundry that two people can accumulate in a week.
I'm not EVEN going to go into all of the dishes they use up!  Even with the rubber gloves, my crampy toes still got all shriveled up.  I have ONE bowl, and I lick it clean, I don't see why they can't do the same.

Then there was the vacuuming.
I don't know who thought it was a good idea to invent a thing that sucked up dirt that only gets tracked back into the house anyway.  I do think that the washing machine thing was very handy for cleaning a certain cat who decided to roll in dirt then bring it inside after I vacuumed the whole place!

The worst part was feeding the curly tails.  All of those dishes to clean, the all of those scoops of dog food and then the water had to be JUST the right temperature for the soup, and then trying to carry all that without spilling anything, and after ALL THAT, this is what I get
I'm glad the Musher is back on the job back at the house again...

- Bet


Susan said...

Hey Bet, maybe that's the trade for getting a bike trip with just the musher...yes, we all saw you on that picnic table.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! LOL

Anke Frerichs-Hemp