Thursday, 26 May 2011

To Bet - With Love From Kennebunkport

Hey Bet,

Hope you are holding down the 'fort' at home!! I hear you have been out walking with Dad and the Tramplings - and that you have made yourself very at home on my pillow!!  Remember, I need it back Friday night!

Anyway, wanted to let you know that you would have enjoy Kennebunkport.!!! It is very dog friendly -

And there is informational stuff to be found here. Like this book -

I hear your 1/2 brother and good buddy, Don along with your former Dad took reserve Champion at the Kentucky Bluegrass last weekend. Alta Pete Trial Blog

Obviously he did his homework better then you did!!!

Much love,

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Susan said...

Karen...I found a nice recipe for Cornbread Waffles in PEOPLE Magazine (May 23 issue) that Bet might like. Maybe if she has done her job well while you're in Maine she could get these as a treat. And Bet, you know you'll love them so make sure Musher knows you have taken your tasks quite seriously.