Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Note from Greta!

Hi Bet,
It's me, Greta and I want you to know I am taking care of everything here with your Mom and my Mom. I can't believe you didn't even want to come with your Mom to visit my Mom on this vacation. Well I have been having a great time visiting and entertaining.

That's me visiting with your Mom...she is a good belly scratcher and foot massager (hehehe).

First of all I have made sure your Mom has had plenty of great meals with LOBSTER, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with the lobster but she sure had a good time eating them! She ate them all day long....

and night!

We also went to see Kim and Kelly.

I think they were laughing at how cute I am!
See how much fun your Mom is having?

These birds don't hum but they like lobster too!

We went to some cool stores shopping today but I'm afraid to tell you Bet that the only thing your Mom is bringing home to you are a couple of pictures of us having a great time!

Tomorrow we are going kayaking and playing around some more before we send your Mom home. Sure would have been fun if you were here, there is a tandem kayak we could have taken out together!
Maybe next time you will come when you are invited.... you gotta get out and see the world!

Your friend,

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