Friday, 27 January 2012

AAAAAND They're Off! - Bet

Thanks to the Photographer Minion Donna Quante, we have pictures of the start of the Don Bowers Memorial 200

Keep checking the Don Bowers link and also if you are on the Facebooks, don't forget to like them and let everyone know how much you love the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails!

So, here it was on Willow lake this morning before the race.  A balmy -32 degrees... eeesh!

I was glad to see that the Musher was wearing her chilly gear and remembered her hat.  Please note, that's the fluffy lined Skookum brand hoodie thing and not some wild animal attacking her head.

I have some pictures of the Pretty Curly Tails before the race, but I'll save those for tomorrow in case we don't have any action shots.  I don't everybodies having Pretty Curly Tail withdrawal.

So, here's the Pretty Curly Tails taking off at the start of the race.  The Musher has bib #10 and was the second out of the chute.

Front front to back we have:  Billie/Tess, Kelly/Casey, Tramp/Boo, Smartie/Beauty, Turtle/Wifi, Astro/Rocky, and Q/Charge!

Sigh... I wish I was there watching the race from the warmth of a truck or nice hotel room, or at Starbucks or something.

Anyhoo, there they go, off to have fun and avoid the Mooses (keep up the screetchy noises please).

Go you Pretty Curly Tails!  Have fun on the trail and be safe Musher!!!

- Bet


Marian said...

I needed that fix ! It was 63 and rain here in Baltimore. Will winter ever come? I need these pictures for reality !

Marian in wet Baltimore

Karen_SanDiego said...

We're having a Santa Ana in San Diego, almost 80F and windy. I also need those winter fixes. Keep up the great work !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Bet, for your reporting and keeping us up-to-date whether you are roving or not! Go Pretty Curly Tails and Musher Karen.

Marcia from Pennsylvania where winter is escaping us this year.