Thursday, 26 January 2012

Who is in Alaska - A Musher post hijacked by Bet

The Musher has been very busy training with the Pretty Curly Tails, caring for the Pretty Curly Tails, plowing a trail with her face for the Pretty Curly Tails... and she's been meaning to post a Who is in Alaska post for weeks...

So... every time I log into Blogger, here is her post... half finished... so I'm finishing it!!!!!

It occurred to me this morning that I haven't actually let everyone know what dogs 'made the truck' for our trip to Alaska this year!!! Although I'm certain that with all the pictures, video, etc that have been posted in the last week that everyone who was really motivated has already figured it out!

I'd say 'Of course he made the truck, he ALWAYS makes the truck.' But the fact of the matter is that Crunchie is 10 1/2 years old. For a senior like that to keep up with dogs 1/3 that age is astounding, but then again, he is an astounding dog. (Crunchie is sponsored by Dana and Judy Kevelder)

Wolvie aka 'Wolverine'. The son of 2 of my all time favorite dogs, Grover and Kara. He is beautiful, talented, and a quiet, solid worker! (Wolvie's 2012 Sponsors are Brenda Potter, Carolyn Martin and Mark Fraser. Go Wolvie!!)

Astro - big, hardworking level headed boy. His first trip to Alaska, but a veteran of last season's races!! (Astro is sponsored by former NW Pretty Sled Dogs: Spider, Batdog and Junior, now living with the Ellingers in MN)

Q (aka Q-Zee, Q-tip). Hard to believe Q is 8 1/2 years old. A true powerhouse in the team. Q is a veteran of many races, including Iditarod. (Q is sponsored by Musher Minion Donna Quante)

TopDog - the very handsome, very polite and mannered Kara son. They just do not come any sweeter (or fluffier) then this boy. (Barb and Mike Branham and Cheryl Dawson are delighted to share sponsorship of TopDog)

 PLEEZEE - was there ever any doubt Trampie was going to Alaska???? The very opinionated young superstar leader. And it's soooo much quieter here at North Wapiti... except for the Tramplings of course - Bet  (Tramp is sponsored by Chugiak Kennels, Nelson, New Zealand)

 I'm really high on this young dog. This is Boo - or Boosie to her friends. She a head down, tail down, get the job done kinda of gal!! (Happy Running! Tammy Taylor)

Billie is a favorite of many. A 'boomerang' dog (sold at as pup, but eventually worked her way back to NorthWapiti) who has shown us how silly were were for letting her go to begin with. She does have a few 'quirks' but her drive and work ethic make up for them!! (Billie is sponsored by LaRita Skipper)

Tess. I'd like to think if I were a dog I'd be a lot like Tess. A definite tomboy, not flashy, just solid, no nonsense kind of gal that gets the job done!!! (Tess, I know you belong to Karen, but will always view you as "my girl". Will be watching from afar this year. Marlene Daniels)

 Kelly. Really nice young gal. Daughter of Moses and Kara, two of my former Iditarod main leaders, she is showing that she is ready to step up and follow in her parents pawprints!! (Kelly is sponsored by Deb Bok)

Runner is another veteran of the trail. A leader and one of the most enthusiastic eaters we have - a GREAT trait for a distance dog!! (Runner is sponsored by Maureen Zavodjancik)

Wifi aka Wiffie, although camera shy, Wiffie knows how to pull and is nothing but business on the trail (Wifi is sponsored by Barbara and Jerry Lake of Hampton, TN)

Photo by Donna Quante/Husky Productions
Roscoe loves to work and loves to shine in harness (Roscoe is co- sponsored by Diane Shepard of Glendale, AZ and Jackie Phalen of Maple Park, IL.)

Rocky made the team because he's got such long legs that he can hover over the deep snow banks and reach items on tall shelves... ok, I just made all of that up - Bet (Go Team North Wapiti! Mary, Greg and the huskies: Yucab, Maracaibo and Rosa)

Turtle is a total show off and all of the younger pups don't like him because he's so good at what he does: pull like a champion. (Turtle is sponsored by Kathryn and Pete Trussell, Frank and Paula Langenstein)

Smartie is sometimes mistaken for her beautiful father Crunchie, and has some big paws to fill on the trail this year, but we're pretty sure she can handle herself like the pros. (Smartie is proudly sponsored by Karen Ernest and Trina!)

Beauty is a chip off the Kara block in both looks and work ethic. (Beauty is sponsored by friends of Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund)

See see run, run see run, I made that up all by myself - Bet (See, though we aren't near enough to watch you perform, we'll be following you every step of the way on the computer. Go girl go.
Marlene and Doug Daniels)

Bingo is ready to roll at any time, and can also strike a model pose when the camera comes out.  Her hard work got her on the team this year (Bingo is sponsored by Mary Atkinson)

Photo by Donna Quante/Husky Productions
Bang won't be outdone by her beautiful sister and continues to show her talent in lead and eating snow (Bang is sponsored by Kathy Carmichael)

Photo by Donna Quante/Husky Productions
Jinx continues to ooze talent and work ethic.  Being THE lead dog at North Wapiti can be pretty stressful, but Jinx takes it all in stride (Jinx is sponsored by Kathryn Clark)

Charge can levitate, never gets tired, and always wants to run some more... we need to moderate his latte levels apparently (Charge is sponsored by Pat Bach and family)

Irving. Being a one-eyed dog has done nothing to slow down this hard worker, and the chicks just love him because they think he's winking at them (Good luck to all - Rachel and the Wyoming Siberian pack!)

Photo by Donna Quante/Husky Productions
And yup, the little redhead made the cut. Casey is here with us in Alaska... because redheads are the best. please note, the cartoonist made me write that... sigh - Bet (Alice Fitzgerald is sponsoring Casey in addition to her sponsorship of Herman, who is co-sponsored with her son Travis, so they can continue to sponsor the next great generation of North Wapiti dogs!)

Photo by : Donna Quante/Husky Productions
Ok, so there you have it, the 24 Pretty Curly Tails in Alaska!

Now, who wants to guess who will be racing in the Don Bowers 200 tomorrow?

- Bet


Kathryn said...

I'll take a shot. If the 200 allows 16 dogs, then I pick Jinx, Casey, Smartie, Tess, Billie, Tramp, Bingo, Bang, Turtle, Irving, Wifi, Wolvie, Charge, TopDog, Runner and Roscoe.

bakavi said...

what a lineup of really nice looking dogs!
Go guys!!!

Shirly said...

Well Bet I don,t know who should go, Crunchie is a big favorite of mine, but maybe he will be saved for the really hard work. Will be watching to see and how everyone does. Are you taking care of Cricket. I don,t see you mentioning her? I loved seeing all your pictures too.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous lineup of some of the finest dogs ever to run across the Alaska turf!!! No matter who runs with you Karen, you will have a fabulous looking, powerhouse of a team. The photos are spectacular! I just love looking at their faces.
Go curly tails!!
Husky hugs from Sitka(Cols.OH) & his mom!