Thursday, 19 January 2012

Your NW Fix for 19 January 2012 - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies!  Its time for your Pretty Curly Tail Sled Dog fix for today!

Today's edition is:  Pretty Cold Curly Tail Sled Dogs!  I guess you could say they are Chilly Dogs... get it... CHILLY DOGS!!!  You know... like the hot dogs with chili on them.... ok, its not funny if I have to explain it.


First up is Tess with her ice beard.

Then we have Charge, who appears to have a nose-cicle going on

Irving looks really thrilled, and on the look out for snow spiders to howl at.

Here is the Musher handling Charge back to the truck.  Charge is helping by levitating.

Here is Beauty, Tramp, and Bingo waiting for their turn back to the truck... this picture is very rare as Tramp actually has her mouth shut.

Finally, we have Boo and Smartie

I have it on good authority that the Musher will be providing a list of who is actually in Alaska with her.  Have you figured them all out yet?

- Bet


Shirly said...

Bet I love your pictures and reporting. Keep it up. Tomorrow the two of my siberians will be off to a dog show if the snow storm don,t stop us. We will be starting out and see. So we will miss you for a few days. We will be home by Sunday night so looking forward to your pictures and reporting. Our snow won,t be as cold I don,t think. Today started out at 7 F. Take care of the Cricket and thank you for reporting

Marian said...

after a long day of having cats scratch me and having a Rotty
lift his leg on my new shoes, it is
a plesure to look at real dogs doing real dog's work !!

a.k.a. Dr. Puss

Caron said...

Bet maybe this is a really silly question, but how do the curly's loose their ice beards? Do we naturally style this out or wait for defrosting to happen?

Caron (South Africa)

Anonymous said...

The Musher is really strong, huh Bet!
Just love seeing everyone!
Hugs from Sitka(Columbus) & his mom, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Love the popsicle dogs!!

Wild Dingo said...

Is Cracker there? I'm ding to know the team!

these pics rock! love huskies in the snow. there is NO snow in Switzerland this year, if you can believe it. unless you're a gagillion feet in the mountains.

my husky is disgruntled and is demanding refund from the country...