Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Quick Trip Update - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody!  Its your warm in the house not traveling the road non-roving Boarder Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

In case you weren't aware, we managed to plant the Musher Tracking Device on the Musher before she left.  We've been keeping an eye on her when we're not busy making cookies, or playing cards.  Bait ordered some games for the Wii, and we can't wait to try out that Dance, Dance, Whatever Its Called game.

Speaking of dancing, Sarah Handler wanted me to pass on that Rocket is doing great, and even does the Rocket dance for her dinner.  Rocket made sure to give the Pretty Curly Tails a team talk before they left, and as much as she wanted to go, since she hadn't been training with the rest of the Pretty Curly Tails, the Musher sadly left her behind... with me... behind... here...

ANYHOOO, we look forward to seeing Rocket do some real dance moves when the delivery guy drops off all of our new games.  In the meantime I'm having a heck of a time keeping Bait and Tic off the Cloud.  Now that Rocket is back outside, its like they cling to the cloud with every claw and refuse to leave it.  I evicted them once and have found myself forced to spend all of my time on it guarding it from them... sigh... the work I do around here!

Oh wait, wasn't I giving a trip update?  Oh yeah, ok, so the Dog truck is moving along now... earlier there were some challenging roads to get through and their pace slowed to a crawl.

Um... yeah, treacherous roads there... I'm pretty sure there were an equal amount of bathroom breaks in there as well.

Here is a picture of the pups at High Prairie Alberta

Then after more driving driving driving and driving, they stopped north of Fort St. John British Columbia

The Musher reported in and said that gas was expensive, and they ran out of Starbucks until they hit Alaska, so the coffee was expensive and icky.

Gee, I don't know... I think my latte goes just fine with the Turkey and Pumpkin flavored treats that Sarah Handler gives me

 Until later... hopefully I'll be able to type tomorrow after Sarah Handler does my pedicure and peach facial scrub massage. 

- Bet


Susan said...

And what will you do for Sarah?

Nannette Morgan said...

Bet - thanks for your always informative and entertaining news blogs! Maybe when Rocket learns those new dances you can set up a "Dancing with the Sled Dogs" contest at NW. That would be really fun and would keep you all entertained while the Musher is gone. You, Cricket and Sarah could be the judges!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates Bet! I know it's so hard on you having to do such strenuous work. After all, it's much tougher doing your work than traveling those nasty roads to & through Alaska. The curly tails look like they are happy. They probably don't even realize the trip is slow & dangerous for The Musher. We hope everyone will arrive safely. Happy trails to all & hugs from Sitka & his Columbus Mom