Monday, 2 January 2012

Drop Bag Update - Bet

Wowzers peoples!!!

I just had to drop what I was doing (napping) and let all of you know just how wonderfully fantastically magical you all are!

After I mentioned the whole drop bag needed items thingy in my last blog post, the interwebs came alive and we're sold out of EVERYTHING except for 8 AA batteries!

This just in... ALL items are SOLD OUT, yipeeeee!!!!

I've added everypeople's names that supplied the drop bag stuff to our sponsor area and I send out a big ol' THANK YOU for the outpouring of love!

Ya know... if all I had to do was ask for stuff... and the stuff appeared, then maybe I can use my magical powers for good... hmmmmm.

Look into my eyes... and send waffles!

Oh, and another thing.  The guesses on the Pictionary thing are pretty good... but so far nobody has guessed it.  Let me know when you give up... seriously, I doubt anyone can guess it, but if you want to keep trying...

- Bet

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