Saturday, 21 January 2012

Your NW Fix for 21 January 2012 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies! 

It's your non-roving, lounging in a chair, hanging out watching Cricket clean last night's dishes, Border Collie Bet here!

I thought I would give the Musher an obligatory cheesecake shot of me hard at work supervising the household, since she said she missed me (awwww, I miss you too Musher!)

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the exciting training action in Alaska.

This first picture is of the Musher trying to do a sled wheelie on a corner of the trail.  She gets only 3 points for staying on the sled and not face planting because the Pretty Curly Tails weren't going full speed.

Here is the Musher giving a thumb's up after navigating the turn, as even she was surprised that there wasn't some sort of dragging behind the sled action going on, especially in the presence of a photographer.

I would also like to address some comments on the blog and the Facebooks that bring into doubt the veracity of my non-roving Border Collie Reporter skills.  Harumpf...

There have been some people that actually think that Mooses, penguins, Polar Bears, and Sasquatches don't live in Alaska.  I assure you that they do.  Just because somebody hasn't updated the Wikidoomaflatchy thingie with evidence to this fact, doesn't make it untrue. 

There is also some doubt that the Pretty Curly Tails were actually supergluing their fluffs back on because of the cold.

For all of you doubting Thomases, and doubters of names other than Thomas, and frankly this doubting Thomas really needs to get out more and stop doubting everything, I present to you actual PROOF!

I just want to warn everyone that this next picture isn't for the squeamish or faint of heart, but that also no Pretty Curly Tails were injured or eaten, as Sasquatches are deathly afraid of the sound of a camera clicking, and ran off before any damage would be done... whew.

So here it is... a Sasquatch attempting to eat the face off a Pretty Curly Tail!!!!!

IEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  You can clearly see that Sasquatches prefer the warm and comfortable SKOOKUM brand Anorak!  Skookum brand... the choice of Iditarod Mushers and Sasquatches... get yours today, and don't forget to use the coupon code RAMSTEAD for free shipping and the Musher gets a commission!

As I mentioned before, the Sasquatch was frightened by the camera clicking noise and ran off before eating the Pretty Curly Tail.. whew.  You can also clearly see in this picture how the other Pretty Curly Tail has messily superglued their fluff onto their side.  Despite having hunks of superglued fluff on them... they still are the most prettiest of the Pretty Sled Dogs.

So... there!  Don't doubt the Border Collie!

- Bet


Susan said...

Bet, is that Tramp in the lead? If so you see her mouth is definitely not yapping. She's working hard huh?

Thanks for your updates Bet. You are truly a fine non-roving Border Collie reporter.

Karen Ramstead said...

Actually, that is Kelly in lead with Jinx. =)

Susan said...

Thanks Karen. I haven't learned to recognize your dogs yet. One day I'll get them all sorted out!