Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Race So Far - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!  It's your sitting around in Canada enjoying my chair, just woke up from a nap non-roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet here!

Its been a very exciting race so far... ok, that probably wasn't very convincing because I just said I had a nap, so let me try that again...

Holy Moley everybodies, this is a real nail biter of a race! 

Ok, that wasn't very convincing either, so I'll have to go with: its been a very predictable and going as scheduled race... which is GREAT!  No Mooses, no plowing trails with faces, and no pants on fire (yes, I know... so disappointing on the flaming pants thing)

The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails got into the Kershner Home checkpoint at 4:08 am this morning with all 14 Pretty Curly Tails.  They had to take a mandatory 6 hour rest period.  Here are the Pretty Curly Tails curled up and resting

Here is the sled resting

I can't tell if the Musher is in the sled resting or not... nobody tells me these important things.

The Pretty Curly Tails were checked out by the vet and found to be okey dokie spiffy keen!

According to the Musher, the middle 30 miles is punchy and slow because the pups don't have their "snow legs" yet... once again, clueless.  All this time I've been studying baa baa sheepie things books and I should have purchased a "Translating Musher Talk for Dummies"

The Musher did say they were all having fun... I hope that's not code words for something else, but I'm guessing that they are all having fun, so that's good.

They left the Kershner Home checkpoint at 10:30am and plan on being back into Willow at the finish around 10pm... which is way past my bedtime, so I'll have an update in the morning.  If you are on the Facebooks, the Photographer Minion Donna will make an announcement or something and I told her to also tell the mail list peoples, but she'll be really busy helping the Musher with the pups and stuffs, so that may not come for a while.  You should definitely keep hitting refresh on the official Don Bowers 200 Web site for official updates and stuffs.

In the meantime, while you are waiting, there's an interview that has the Musher in it here.  Click the blueish looking button that has a megaphone on it directly under the words stuffs.

Meanwhile, back in Willow, Alaska
Hey?  Where did everyone go?

- Bet

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Shirly said...

Lonesome will have his friends back and probably tired soon. I just love watching all this. Pretty Curley Tails you are doing good I just looked at the placing and times. keep going kids good luck.