Monday, 16 January 2012

Minus what???

I am bilingual. No, no, I don't speak Spanish or even more then minimal French, but I am bilingual when it comes to kilometers per hour vs. miles per hour and Fahrenheit vs. Celsius.
It comes from living in Canada but training and racing a lot in the US.
I tend to speak in kilometers and Celsius when at home and miles and degrees Fahrenheit when in Alaska. I don't need to convert 80 kph to 50 mph, I just know.

Apparently though, that isn't the case for all of you. It's been suggested to me that I need to do temperature conversions for you all in my blog. I will strive to do that from now on, but that doesn't mean I will succeed, so for the times I don't I offer the following guide -

100F = 38C  This is ridiculously hot and activities should be limited to sitting around with a cold drink in your hand.

75F = 24C  A lovely summer day at NorthWapiti. Warm, pleasant .... perfect for a trip down to the river.

50F = 10C  Still a touch too warm to run sled dogs, but nice for taking puppies for a walk in the woods!!!!

32F = 0C  This is more like it for the crew at NorthWapiti!!! Good stuff in the fall, although not great in the dead of winter!!

0F = -18C Pleasantly cold according to sled dogs and mushers!!!!

-20F = -29C  Okay, now things are getting very cold!!! Bundling up is mandatory now!!!

-40F = -40C  This is SERIOUS cold. Mechanical stuff must be coaxed into working, many things just plain break....but a well cared for dog team will keep running!!!

Photo by Donna Quante

-50F = -47C  According to many, there is only one thing to do at this temperature....NAP in a warm house!!

And there you go - the temperatures according to NorthWapiti!!!

Or, if you would rather, use Bet's method to convert - take the Fahrenheit temperature, subtract 32 and divide by 2.

So -35F would be -35 - 32 = -67 / 2 = -33.5 C

Not exact, but close enough for a Border Collie to decided whether or not she wants to go outside!!!



Alotapaws said...

-18c gotta love all the dogs looking excited for their turn next at hugs

Anonymous said...

An easy to remember and accurate conversion:

1. Add 40 to temperature either in F or C

2. For F to C multiply by 5 and divide by 9
For C to F multiply by 9 and divide by 5

3. Subtract 40

Try it and see

Swanny said...

Temperature conversion? There's an app for that!

-22 F (-30C) here at the house.


Jenny Glen said...

Ha Ha! I'm Bilingual in a different way - if it's cold out, I think in Celsius. If it's hot out, I think in Fahrenheit. It comes from being in Canada in the winter and in the States in the summer.