Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Sometimes you gotta get out and break trail.."

I strapped on snowshoes this afternoon and did a bit of trail maintenance....

...sometimes you gotta get out and break trail!!!

In case you are wondering the reason for this trail maintanance, I offer this picture...

The 'trench' on the right hand side of the trail was dug by my face yesterday during my departure from the dog lot.

I was watched carefully by the whole dog lot as I snowshoed, shoveled and snowmachined over the trail...

....I think I might have heard Trampie laughing under her breath at me.

"Keep trying Mom"



Shirly said...

Your face making a ditch don,t sound like fun Karen, but I think over the years on training I experienced it all and being drug was the worst once when I was 10 miles out with my husbands stupied lead dog that drug me I think a half of mile and I kept yelling and he would not stop. My arms felt awful for a week. Last time I was Mrs nice guy. My leader never did things like that. So you are brave to say the least. Looks like you have a nice warm house to stay in and the dogs are in better shape now. I was gone to the dog show over the weekend and haven,t had time to look. We did great so no complaints. Be careful and don,t get hurt.

Caron said...

Well teh odds are that tramp was definitely giggling, that smirk....hmmm. Snowshoeing looks like fun but loads of hard work :-)

Safe trails Karen!!

Caron (SA)