Saturday, 7 January 2012

'Elephant' Burgers

To start this post off, I need to 'explain' it by showing you all a few pictures of what the trails have looked like the last few days...

Not only are they deadly slippery and difficult to control a team on, the gravel is frozen into the road, making it nasty on the dog's feet. After about 8 miles of running yesterday, I pulled the plug and turned the dogs for home. No point in risking hurting anyone at his point of the season.

Today things were no better, in fact, possibly slippery, so I worked on packing, washing harnesses, doing a bit of grocery shopping.....not as much fun as running dogs, but stuff that stills needs to get done before we head for Alaska on Tuesday (where there is PLENTY of snow, BTW).

Anyway, as I was darting and dashing around and in and out of the house today, the Food Channel was the 'background' noise, as it often is - I'm a bit of a 'Food Network' addict - and that is how I explain what was on the menu for dinner tonight - a hamburger with provolone cheese, lettuce, bacon and PEANUT BUTTER!! Yup, I said PEANUT BUTTER.

Sarah and I had seen a burger with peanut butter featured on 'Eat St', a show about food trucks and we were first we were grossed out...but then we got thinking and chatting about it....a bit of internet research later and .... voila!!!

As I was cooking this creation I was trying to think of a name for it and eventually settled on calling it an 'Elephant Burger'.
Why an 'Elephant Burger', you ask???

Well, it is big (anyone that has had burgers here knows they are always big!!!), it has peanut butter in it and with peanut butter, cheese and bacon on it.... if you eat to many you will be packing alot of 'junk' in your 'trunk'!! Da...da...DA!!!

Mark is hoping we get some snow soon!!!!

(BTW.....Sarah, Bet and I all gave the burger a definite thumbs up. Mark was ambivalent.)


Willowbend said...

Watched that show this afternoon as well, yumm!

donnaf said...

Good thing Doug is not around, he'd find a way to put chocolate on it!!!

dogu said...

OK, game on. I've had an idea for a burger that shall now be put to the test. Today is grocery day...details to follow.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an elephant burger because it had peanut butter, and, well, elephants love peanuts.