Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pictures, Clarifications, and Stuffs - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, its the up from a nap, lounging around the house, staying warm, non-roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet here!

Before I get into showing some really cool photos the Musher has been taking in Alaska, I need to clarify some things.

The Snack Bag Sponsors received an e-mail thank you with a confusing message.

It was suppose to say "If you DIDN'T send a personal message, please let the Minions know what message you wanted included in your snack bag".

Rest assured, if you packed a snack bag and put a nice message in the bag for the Musher, its still in there.

If you sponsored a snack bag and wrote a message to the Musher when you paid, the message will get packed in your snack bag.

If you sponsored a snack bag and didn't include a message, but want to, just send an e-mail to the Minions and we'll make sure it gets in your bag.

Seems pretty simple, right? 

Apparently simplicity eludes the Cartoonist, especially when she's swigging the Nyquil... which she apparently does all the time for no reason.  Please don't tell her you are sorry she's swigging Nyquil, there's nothing wrong with her, except maybe she needs to get off the Nyquil and start paying attention to detail.  We actually thought of holding an Intervention for her, but then realized she may not be even partially functional without it and are just leaving it alone.

So, if you get strange messages that make no sense, just assume its from the Cartoonist and she hasn't had enough coffee and started the 'Quil a bit early.

Thank you, and now on to some really PRETTY pictures of the Pretty Curly Tails in SNOW!!!!!

As you can see, they are VERY happy to have so much snow to romp in that they are howling with joy!

Such happy happy joy joy snow

And more happy

Oodles of happy

and then the traditional sugar coated Pretty Curly Tail

- Bet


Shirly said...

Bet you just keep posting the pictures and everything that is happening in Alaska. Sort of cold there so maybe you really have it better.

Anonymous said...

THEY LOOK SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! I could look that happy if I had some snow @ my house.
Sitka (Cols.OH)