Monday, 23 January 2012

A Small World, for sure.

Yesterday I was running my team home along the Big Su River when I met another team on the trail. Alot of my young dogs are still amazed to see other teams while training (not something that happens in Perryvale a lot), so Rocky and Astro managed to get all tangled. I stopped to sort it out and the other musher stopped next to me, he pulled down his face mask and introduced himself as Joar "from Norway". "I'm Karen", I said as we shook hands. "Oh" he said, "I'm friends with Gwen Ross. She said you'd be up here training". Gwen is a friend of mine that has a number of dogs from our kennel and is now living in Whitehorse.

We chatted a bit about training, moose, and Quest drop bags before pulling our hooks and heading on our respective ways.

I thought about the encounter afterwards - a Canadian musher and a Norweigan musher with a mutual friend living in the Yukon meeting on a river in the middle of Alaska.

 It is indeed a small world!!!!  I love it!!


Wild Dingo said...

what a gorgeous shot. bet the team was like WOW, our kind is everywhere! cool.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Wow, your place was really beautiful and I'm glad guys that you are doing great with you dad!

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Caron said...

Awesome! The world is a tiny place made smaller by technology :-) Hope you dont mind hijacked your picture for my backgroud on my desktop, so know that it is being shared at Foschini Group Head Office in Parow, Cape Town, South Africa.
Caron - Team Cademe South Africa

Bakavi said...

It is a small world these days. Most interesting observation.
you did a nice job on the trail and the
"Team is Looking Good"!!!!!!