Sunday, 8 January 2012

Exclusively Exclusive Fashion Statement - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody!

I just told you how I was waiting on the nyquil swilling cartoonist to do her job... well she finally came out of her stupor and did what I needed done and now its time to make the big announcement unveiling of the new totally cool and very exclusive, one of a kind, not gonna be anything like it after this year ensemble collection thingie!!!!

Drum roll please!!! 

I said drum roll!!!!

Just tap your fingers on your desk or something ok, humor me!

That's better... eeesh.

Ok, here it is:

Its the new Limited Edition North Wapiti 2012 Iditarod Fleecy Vest!!!!!

I KNOW!!!! Isn't it cool... I mean warm... comfy... REALLY NEAT!!!  And it matches the hat and mittens too!!!!

We gots two kinds:  the Red/Black:

And the Gray/Black:

You can find sizing, description, and other info at the North Wapiti Shop (click on the shop button at the top right hand side), and order your very own fleecy vest to complete your North Wapiti ensemble!!!

I'm so excited a piddled a bit!

- Bet


Corgi-Mom said...

I think a piddled a bit too!!

Lauri said...

Were you close to the vests when you piddled?