Monday, 2 January 2012

Facebook Save

The picture pretty much tells the whole story, but just in case you need clarification ... stupid musher forgets to fill up ATV before going out on a long run. Facebook and Sarah save the day!!!!

Thankfully a bit of technology can even reach out into the Tawatinaw River valley, so using my iPhone I was able to get a Facebook message to Sarah, who phoned me and she agreed to meet me in Rochester with a jerry can of gas.

Yes, the team could have pulled a dead ATV home, in fact it would have been easier for them, as when I have it running, I have it in gear and have the team working against the engine resistance - but without headlights it wouldn't have been very safe - and without handwarmers I wouldn't have been as comfortable! =)

So Sarah saved us!!! Thanks Sarah !!! =)



Pat in MN said...

I'm having trouble following this: so you could not phone Sarah but you could send a message on Facebook and even though you couldn't phone her, she could phone you. Who's on first?

Karen Ramstead said...

Actually - yes. I can't phone her cell, as it is a NZ one and we can't seem to sort a cell to cell call out between our phones. She would unlikely be in the house - and doesn't check messages - so reaching her on the land line wouldn't work - so Facebook it was!!! (My message was that nothing was seriously wrong but to give me a call on my cell. Which she did from the house phone!!! Everything in my life is always more complicated then normal, it seems!!!) =)

Caron said...

Well good on you for thinking out of the box :-)