Thursday 17 December 2009

Back To Our Regular Scheduled Programming...

Well, the weather broke!!! Yesterday it went up to a wonderful -20C, so it was back to training!

Here was the team -

And just some fun (Denise - this is for you!!)

Life is good again!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok now I'm really hooked, so who is the black & white on your left side third from the back with the propeller tag wag ? I'm a softie for propeller tag wags... ;o)

Karen E

Karen Ramstead said...

That would be Jr. The tail wag comes through his father, Grover - and was a BIG trait of Grover's dad, Blunder.

Nannette Morgan said... photos show up with this yet the previous post's photos (right below) sure come up!

Was this in a whiteout (LOL)?!!


JHen said...

Junior!!! I love that dog. They look great, videos were awesome.

Unknown said...

Nanette, I had the same problem but when I went to the blog through "my favorites" then it all came through?? Who knows?

And karen So wonderful to have sun and warmer temps. Still pretty cold though. Looks beautiful.