Monday, 7 December 2009

My little helper (By Richard)

Today I tried to get Cricket to help me haul down a couple of straw bales from the top of the yard using the little sled used for moving stuff around. I was thinking, why have a big strong dog around and not make use of her ? She was having none of it. Disappeared without a trace !!

Her idea of help was to quality control the straw before it was given out to the working dogs !

Thanks for your help Cricket, guess I'll have to guard the yard too while
you work through all that straw !



Chris said...

It's good to see that Cricket has not changed, she just loves new staw.( Even got in to the straw in the Garage a few times last season)

Kathryn said...

Cricket often destroyed the straw in the garage. It was often a mess by the time I had to take it out to the houses.

Jenny Glen said...

Good thing Cricket got her hair back just in time!

Helen Thorgalsen said...

Dear Richard, I am not a sled dog I am a guard dog and if that means guarding the straw then I will do that too. And rest assured that I will keep you safe too so ppppllllllleaaaaaasssssssseeee no more thinking I should do that pulling thing.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Hi Karen, new follower here! I LOVE your blog. I've posted about it over at my own blog. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is just to funny. I really love this dog. Go Cricket.
bigdogmom in Fairbanks, Alaska

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, left a PM on Icebay for you. Can't wait to see your reply!
Enjoy every minute buddy and looking forward to hearing all about it, when you come home.
Iain (Scotland)