Wednesday 16 December 2009

A Breakthrough

The 2 digital weather stations in our house go 'off scale' at -30. Last Friday afternoon they both got there and have stayed off since.
Temperatures have been around -40 or worse each night and in the -32 to -35 range during the day. Apparently on Sunday the Edmonton International Airport was the second coldest place on the planet reporting in at -46C - only some small town in Siberia was colder.

Yesterday at 3:31 this exciting thing happened -

It was thrilling while it lasted, but by 4:30 we were back to an 'OF'display (I think that is supposed to mean 'off scale' although I do have a few more 'creative' translations).

Thankfully the weather is suppose to break today and temperatures are actually supposed to ROCKET back up to close to freezing within the next couple days.

The weather station display did come back on line about 6:00am and had moved up to -27.8 by 7:30. I may have to take off a layer of polar fleece!!!



Unknown said...

Karen, I hope that all of your household appliances/major systems like well and septic are working well during all of this cold!


D.K. Wall said...

Ok, your outside temp creams our low temps (I hit -20 C at max), but your inside temps - toasty. We keep the house thermostat at 15 C.

Karen Ramstead said...

LOL. I think that gauge must be near a heat register, cause the house isn't that warm!