Sunday 13 December 2009

I'm Warm Thanks To....

Many of you may remember our dog jacket fundraiser from last winter and wonder what ever happened to them!
Well, here they are!!!

Kara, not so willingly and not so happily, modeled one of them for me!

They come in red and black (red for the smaller size dogs and black for the bigger guys). I think they turned out fantastic!

You can check for your jacket at

And watch for them on the trails this winter with both NorthWapiti teams, starting with the Copper Basin 300!!

Many thanks to all of you that contributed, Louise at and The Amazing Helen!!!


granimar said...

Karen, Thanks for the link to view the coats. What a neat idea. Was fun to read the names and will be watching during the season.

Nannette Morgan said...

Thanks for posting this with photos! Red is Binks' favorite color (and his raincoat color too) so he is glad that you picked that color for your smaller dogs.

Happy Woofs!

Nannette, Binks and Cricket

Huskymom said...

Cool! Rubina (my red husky) has her name on a red jacket, and Denali (black dog) has his name on a larger, black jacket. Good job! ;-)

Unknown said...

Kara has been the queen for so long that it is beneath her to play "model" again. You can just see it in her expression.
Nice coats.
When /what conditions makes you decide they need to put their coats on, besides maybe wind?