Tuesday, 12 July 2011

High Level Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is $4000 CDN. (Click this link for information on currency exchange rates.) Corporate Sponsorship is limited to one corporation that exemplifies sports, supports responsible pet ownership, good sportsmanship, and customer service. North Wapiti reserves the right to refuse corporate sponsorship for any reason. The Corporate Sponsorship supporter will receive a logo banner (350x75) at the bottom of every blog post that links to your corporation for 1 year from the time of acceptance. This banner will reach the thousands of North Wapiti fans in the blogosphere and Facebook. If provided, Karen will wear, place, and/or display corporate logos that are provided in a prominent place on her parka, dog truck, and sled bag. Additional logo clothing merchandise, if provided, may also be worn during ceremonial events and presentations, but will not be worn during actual races due to race conditions and restrictions.

Corporate Sponsorship

Team Sponsorships

While it takes an entire team, the different positions of the dogs are vital in mushing. Each position requires a different type of mindset and ability that is essential for a smooth flowing race.

Your contribution to each level of sponsorship comes with an autographed 8x10 Glossy of Karen and her team, your name or business name at the top of the right sidebar of the blog and other goodies, depending on your level of commitment.

(Click this link for information on currency exchange rates.)

Lead Dog Sponsors
If mushers are coaches of a dog team, then lead dogs are the quarterbacks! Generally they are the fastest and most responsive dogs on the team. Good lead dogs make or break a dog team! They shoulder a lot of responsibility, setting the pace down the trail and listening for the mushers commands! The kennel currently boasts a strong group of amazing lead dogs who are following in the pawprints of Karen's all-time great leader, Grover, and actually almost every dog in the pool runs lead at one time or another!

Lead Dog Sponsors - $2000 (CAD)

Swing Dog Sponsors
Swing dogs are the dogs right behind the leaders. Normally the dogs here are also fully trained lead dogs or leaders in training. It is their responsibility to 'swing' the team around corners! Having a strong 'Front Four' is a real plus in a race!

Swing Dog Sponsors - $1500 (CAD)

Team Dog Sponsors
Team dogs make up the bulk of a dog team. Lead dogs, swing, and wheel dogs all get chances to take a break from the other positions and run in the team! One of the most valuable spots in the team is right in front of wheel. Karen generally uses this for dogs that are sore or a little ill, as they are close enough to keep an eye on but not in the demanding wheel position. In the middle of the team hang out the big powerhouses of the group.

Team Dog Sponsors - $1000 (CAD)

Wheel Dog Sponsors
Wheel dogs are the power house of a dog team. The dogs immediately in front of the sled, they have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the team! Traditionally, the biggest, toughest dogs on the team are used in wheel. NorthWapiti does things a little different, though - Karen likes a little smaller and very athletic but still tough dog for this position. It is very important to rotate the dogs out of wheel regularly - wheel dogs are the most prone to back injuries.

Wheel Dog Sponsors - $500 (CAD)

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