Saturday, 2 July 2011

Canada Day 2011

Every year on Canada Day I try to share something 'Canadian' on the blog. I started off yesterday looking for just the right thing, but couldn't seem to find what I wanted. My internet connection has been giving me issues and kept kicking out, so the day eventually ran out on me, but rest assured, Canada Day did not pass by unnoticed.

I have been lucky enough to visit a whole lot of amazing places in my life. Many of these places have touched my heart and soul, a few I could imagine living in, but Canada will always be my home. It doesn't touch my heart and soul, it owns it. I consider myself completely blessed to have been born and raised Canadian.
So today, what I am sharing is some of my own photos from around my favorite country. It is far from a fair representation of Canada, most of the images were taken around here, a few in BC, the Yukon and Nova Scotia, but I hope it gives you a bit of a taste of the country I love!

(And yes, I know music by an amazing Canadian artist, of which there are many, would have been more appropriate, but I don't have much music on my computer in MP3 format, and since my attention span is only slightly better then Bet's, I wasn't about to figure out how to download or convert any files!!! Sorry!)

Happy Canada Day!!!!


susan said...

Karen, who is singing in the music for the Iditarod segment? They look slightly familiar.

Karen Ramstead said...

What Iditarod segment Susan??

Anonymous said...

Karen when you first posted this there were postings from U-tube. Pretty Sled Dogs video came up plus other videos. Now you go in and you see Canada Day 2011.

That's way Susam asked about the Iditarod segment.


Anonymous said...

You should put up the "Canadian Please" video. :D

bakavi said...

You should be proud to be born and living in Canada. What a gorgeous piece of the planet it is, that you can call home.
Happy Canada day!

djqhusky said...

Very nice Karen! If I wouldn't lose my US citizenship, I could easily live in Canada. What a wonderful country.

Susan--the Iditarod video has Kyf Brewer singing.

Nannette Morgan said...

Just beautiful!! I've had so many wonderful trips to Alberta. I consider it my home away from home.
I hope you had a great Day!

Anonymous said...

absolutely spectacular. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Just absolutely magnificent!
You are truly gifted, Karen!
Sitka's Mom Lisa