Sunday, 3 July 2011

Oh Canada, and Other Things - Bet

Howdy ho everyone, its your Canadian Border Collie, Bet here!

I've been super duper busy since the Musher got back from her whirlwind U.S. speaking tour!  Much too busy to blog, so I apologize for the lack of curly tail tales.

When Air Canada fails, Greyhounds always deliver
First of all, the Musher was very nice to have packed my very special dog bakery treats from Three Dog Bakery in her carry on luggage, because that meant that they weren't lost in her checked luggage like all of her other stuff, like her camera.  We finally got the bag back via Greyhound, which goes to prove that if you want good, fast service, always trust the Greyhounds!

Except for a bit of drool, the bag was delivered safely and the Musher got all of her underwear back.

Then there was the unpacking and laundry, and the "welcome the Musher back" celebration by the curly tails, which takes the form of dancing, howling, and general curly tail happiness.

The Snowbirds flying to Florida
Then there was Canada Day!  The Canada day celebration around here was great, chock full of pancakes (I'm petitioning the Country to change it to waffles), a big Canada cake, some fireworks, wearing red, and other stuff.  Bigger cities have a flyover by the Snowbirds... no, not the old people that move to Florida every winter, its the official Canadian Forces demonstration team, but here at North Wapiti we had the official flyover of some birds that fly over all the time, but on Canada day they fly over... specially... or something like that.  Did I mention we had cake and pancakes?

Once all of that celebrating was done, the Musher hooked up the curly tails for a run!  Since it had been a while that I've been able to stretch my legs, I went along and got 4 miles in with the team... running beside them... I may do a lot around here, but I don't pull sleds or ATVs (who have perfectly functioning motors and don't need me to pull them).

When we got home, the Tramplings wanted a piece of the action, so I herded them for a mile run (blah blah look at the pretty flowers, blah blah blah what kind of flowers are they blah blah why is grass green) and by that time... HOO BOY my feety feets were pretty crampy!

Lucky for me, the Musher had installed a whirlpool spa!  All this time it was in the little room and I had no idea until the Musher was away and I did some exploring.  I can see why they always kept the door closed so I wouldn't find it, this thing is amazing and does a great job of relaxing my crampy toes.

After a couple of treatments, I'm ready to go again!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't have anything in my mouth. Bet, I understand those spa's are a good way to wash cats as well as cure crampy toes. Thanks for the laugh.
Mary in Oregon

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!!! I too was not ready for that pic of you, Bet!
Forever the comedian!!
Sitka's Mom Lisa