Wednesday, 6 July 2011

This and That

Just thought I'd share a few images from the last few days. Those of you on Facebook have probably seem most of them already, but I know that not everyone is on there!!

This is a field we run through almost daily in the winter, but instead of sporting a blanket of snow, it is sporting a blanket of daisies right now!! So pretty!

This is Melody, my friend Gabi's horse that she has been letting me ride this summer! I'm enjoying it so much!! Thanks Gabi!!

Gabi and Cello ahead of us on the Landing Trail (another of our winter dog trails!)

American Finches at our feeder on July 4th! How appropriate!

The most awesome guard dog on the planet!!! Okay, maybe not, but we love her anyway!!

Cosmos growing in THE Planter.

Forget what this flowering vine is, but it is doing great on the trellis in THE Planter.

More Cricket. I think she looks like she is smiling in this picture (actually, she was attempting to howl with the dog yard)

Bait says "Talk to the paw" when I mentioned he was sleeping in my spot on the couch.



Dana Joyner said...


The purple flowering vine on your trellis is a Passion Flower vine. Botanical name is Passiflora. I tried over wintering mine from last year and it did not make it. :( They are beautiful vines!!! Enjoy !!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

What a great assortment of photos. I enjoy seeing all the aspects of your daily life. Cricket is smiling. It's such a cute pic.
That's awesome that you are able to ride so much this summer. That would be fun. Glad you are enjoying the nice weather.
Sitka's Mom Lisa