Sunday, 24 July 2011


Well, one of these days the weather will get back to 'normal' and I can get blogging about sled dogs again - but right now they are all just shedding, working on their tans, and trash talking each other about the upcoming season (and we will have some exciting news about that early this coming week!!!).

In the meantime I'm staying pretty active!! After getting the yard chores done and watching the last of the Tour de France with Bet, I headed over to Husch's to go riding. Gabi wasn't around, so it was just Melody and I today (and Husch's 'Cricket' - Belle).

Melody grabbed a quick snack before we head out.

We had a really nice ride.

Melody grabbing a quick snack after our ride - do you see a theme here???

She's a character of a horse and I'm very much enjoying spending time with her!!!! 

Big thanks to Gabi for trusting me with her!!!! 

And don't worry Mom, I'm being responsible and wearing a helmet!!!!

Funny how the older I get, the more careful I am with things like my brain!!!!

When I got home, I was greeted by this....

I think that is the border collie version of the cold shoulder....

Oh dear!!!

I had been thinking of taking my bike out for a road ride, but this meant a change of plans was in order - Bet and I hit the dog trails instead!!

I'm still working on the biking and taking pictures thing - not as easy as running dogs and taking pictures!!

I think the cold shoulder treatment is gone!!! She might even be smiling at me now!!!



Nannette Morgan said...

Interesting stirrups on that English saddle. They look almost like western stirrups. Is that what they are? Melody looks like a beautiful, fun horse. I used to ride a horse very similar named Tapestry (Tappy). I loved her a lot. Excellent dressage horse!

Anonymous said...

You got some great pics of Bet. She looks like she is having a great time getting over her pouting. I can't get over how you can ride on those dog rails and not kill yourself. You are, of course, used to staying on a sled! And you are such a multi-talented woman.
Sitka's Mom Lisa
ps-beautiful horse Miss Melody is!