Thursday, 14 July 2011

Let Me Out!!!!

Most of you have seen our cabin in past blogs. It is a cute little place used by handlers in the winter and guests to the kennel in the summer.

It has hosted folks from around the world - the UK, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, America, Canada and a few other places I'm sure I'm missing.

One thing you may not know about it though is that all sorts of visitors to the cabin have also been locked in it. See the latch on it works well for one person, but not so well when 2 people are sharing the cabin.

It locks from both the inside and the outside - and if it is latched from the inside, it can't be opened from the outside and vise versa.

The first person to be locked in there was Kelly Berg. She and friend Tara were visiting the kennel. When Tara came up to the house to check emails one morning, she latched the door behind her, locking Kelly in. After checking her emails Tara got a puzzled look on her face and said there was an email from Kelly's Mom telling her to let Kelly out of the cabin!! It turns out Kelly's cell phone worked in the cabin (not all do) but she couldn't remember the phone number of the house, so she called home and asked her Mom to email Tara!!
Very clever.

Since then ...
...Mark was locked in the cabin by our handler Kathryn when he went in do some work on one of the heaters for her.
...Mike Ellis got locked in the cabin by his wife (he took the screen off the window and crawled out).
...One of our British visitors (but for the life of me I can remember which one - I *think* it was Barry) got locked in this winter.
....and this morning Kathryn (yes, the same one that locked Mark in the cabin), who is visiting the kennel with her husband Pete, was up feeding her dogs when the horn on her car started going off. What the heck??
Turns out she locked Pete in the cabin. His phone didn't work but he had the keys to his car, so used the horn button to alert Kathryn to his situation!! Very clever!!!

 I suppose we should do something about the latch...but honestly it is now providing Mark and I with a fair amount of amusement.
Maybe I'll just get our wonderful cartoonist friend to cartoon a "I was trapped in the NorthWapiti Cabin" logo that we will put on t-shirts and hand out when someone gets locked in!!



Polly Bray said...

I love it! Even more incentive to visit North Wapiti (as if there's not enough already). But a "I was trapped" NW tee would soooo complete the visit.

Elaine said...

LOL! Oh wow; clever ways to let people know they're stuck but still...

Hey, if it were me I'd take the extra opportunity to take a nap. :P

The Cartoonist said...

Its on the list :)

- The Cartoonist

Pat in MN said...

Great blog!! Very ingenious people!
How about another T-shirt that says something like "I stayed at North Wapiti and did NOT get trapped in the Nook." When did "the Nook" become "the cabin"? I like Nook!

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind on my blog reading due to laptop ailments. Glad to have it back & the first thing I did tonight was check NW and cracked up reading this blog. Too Funny & I love the tee shirt idea. Sitka's Mom Lisa