Sunday, 31 July 2011

Very Funny - NOT - Bet

The other day the musher broke out all of the goodies from Three Dog Bakery and displayed them in front of me... making me think that they were all (rightfully so) mine.

Cruel, yeah I know.  She's like that.

Want even crueler?  She was bribing me to sit on the cloud and look like I was interested in the treats.  Seriously?  Who needs bribing when they're sitting right next to boxes and boxes full of cookies?  Of course I would have looked more enthusiastic if she would have broken up a box of one of those tasty treats.  By the way, apple and oatmeal fit into the dessert part, after the duck (I know a duck is a bird, eeesh, they don't have beady little angry eyes and long pointy pointy beaks and hover right in front of your face taunting you with sudden blindlness!)... but I digress.

So, here's an out-take of the photo shoot, where the Musher flings a common dog treat at me to get me to look a certain way for the camera.
Click on the picture to make it huge so you can see the dog treat whistling straight for my face, but that isn't what made me look all wild eyed and concerned.

I thought it was one of these:
Those hummingbirds are freaks of nature!

- Bet


Mary E said...

I think Bet needs a pair of doggles, that way she wouldn't have to worry about the freaks of nature poking her eyes out...and she could be making a fashion statement as well....

Anonymous said...

That was tooooooooooooo funny! I just love how Bet writes!
Sitka's Mom Lisa