Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Support Team Sponsors

Everyone knows that the real HARD work is done by the North Wapiti Support Team.

From guarding the Curly Tails, to catching the mice, birds, deer, visiting cars, and herding the Tramplings, the North Wapiti Support Team ensures the entire compound is running like a clock.

Show them that you recognize the effort involved in the behind the scenes of North Wapiti by sponsoring one of the essential Support Team Members. Each sponsor will get their name on the blog and a nice little something from whoever they support.

Support Team Sponsors
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Bet's Buddies
This roving Border Collie reporter keeps you in the loop all year round with the adventures of North Wapiti. Bet is the multifaceted sheep herding dropout who found her calling as a Curly Tail herder, caretaker and blogger.

Her only wish is to have a full-time crampy toe massager, some nice Gucci all-weather gear and some waffles.

To sponsor: $50 (CAD)

Cricket's Crew
No critter is too big or too small for the dedicated guard dog of North Wapiti. Cricket tirelessly patrols the perimeter to make sure nothing gets to the Curly Tails.

In her spare time, Cricket crochets decorative doilies and writes poetry.

To sponsor: $50 (CAD)

Bait's Brethren
All Bait wants is a comfy, expensive car to lay on and some catnip. Although his official title is "mouser" Bait dreams of owning an expensive car that he can lay on full time... and to drive Bet insane.

To sponsor: $50 (CAD)

Tic's Team
Tic doesn't get that much publicity because he's a bit eccentric and has a dead bird collection. All he wants is a soft bed, a good book, and his own reality tv series.

To sponsor: $50 (CAD)

Musher Mark's Angry Birds Rehab

Please help us save Musher Mark from the evil Angry Birds by contributing to his treatment at the Angry Birds Rehabilitation and 24-hour-a-day NASCAR clinic.

To sponsor: $50 (CAD)

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