Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Don't Be Fooled By Their Cuteness

Every time a commercial for the new Smurf movie comes on TV Bet throws Mark or I one of 'those' looks. Their tag line has become her new motto for the Tramplings - "Don't be fooled by their cuteness".

Even though the Tramplings are getting into that 'pointy' stage of their life (think 13 year old boys), they are still pretty darn cute...

 ...but Bet knows what lies behind their cuteness.

 ...and this....

"Pure evil", she says "Don't be fooled by their cuteness"!!!


Natalie - Snowdrift Siberians said...

Bet - you are AMAZING!!! Such patience... :)

Teanna said...

Yeay Bet! You're awesome.

I see what you mean by "pointy stage" not only the anatomy (lean and wiry and wolfy) but the toothiness of the teenagers... thanks for sharing! LOL!!!

Louise said...

She's right. They are playing the dominance game. The over-the-nose bite is a wolfish dominance move.

Caron said...

Lo,. mine do this all the time when they play. Memphis loves the over the nose move :-)
Levi just rolls over and hands his nose over

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable photos. As much as Bet complains about them, it sure looks like she is having fun!!!
The Tramplings are beautiful!
Sitks's Mom Lisa