Monday, 18 July 2011

I Should Have Listened to Bet.

For the last year Bet has been trying to convince me that hummingbirds were evil and scary creatures. I refused to be convinced and continued to try to attract them to the yard. Our success has been marginal until this year.

Now the little critters are eating me out of house and home. If I let the feeder run dry, they hover in front of the window staring into the house with their beady little eyes.

I'm beginning to fear for my life. I wonder when they head south?? Hopefully before the weather really cools off and training picks up. I don't know if I can manage running dogs and keeping the hummingbirds fed.

I'm sorry Bet, I should have listened to you.


Susan Lavin said...

We gave up hummingbird feeders. If they went dry and we went outside the hummingbirds would dive bomb us - even if the outside trip was to get the feeder for a refill! And...DO NOT go out wearing red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine MacDonald said...

The Border Collie always knows!

Berts Blog said...

Yes it is true. The dogs always know.

We love to watch hummingbirds at someone elses place.

Cute little tiny creatures.....

But we can always come home to No Hummers and I like that.

Nice to meet you


Bakavi said...

Uh oh! Our hummingbirds are kind of marginal too. I am always wishing we had more. Hmmm. Careful what you wish for!??