Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mission Accomplished

Many people have been asking me lately about how I have accomplished my weight loss. Honestly, there has been no secrets - just hunger, sweat and pain!!!
I watch what I eat and workout on a regular basis.
My one 'rule' is that I do something seriously active everyday. Dog chores don't cut it, it has to be biking, swimming, running or aerobics for at least an hour or more (usually more). I did let this slip during the winter when we were putting big days in with the dogs, but then I cut my food intake back even more.
I do love food (and I know you are all shocked - wine) far too much to deprive myself too seriously, but I watch my portions and when I do indulge I just kick up my workouts.
On my recent trip to California (a blog about that is coming soon!), I certainly ate and drank well. I got on the scale the other day and was delighted to see that I had actually lost a pound. So obviously I didn't indulge too badly - however, since I wasn't working out, I was feeling rather sluggish and felt the urge to give myself a good butt kicking workout.  A trip to the city was in order.

I've been discovering this spring/summer that Edmonton is a much more interesting city then I previously suspected (I'm generally not a huge fan of cities).

It is just loaded with wonderful bike trails along the river valley - and because it is in a river valley, there are some nice climbs on the trails. I've gotten to the point that I can get up all the climbs, except one - the switchbacks on the south side of the High Level Bridge have totally had my number all summer. Although I've been able to cut the length of my stops down considerably, I still have to take at least 2 breaks on the climb - but not today, I vowed!!

Of course, because I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, I didn't go tackle the climb right off, I rode clear from one side of the city to the other - and at a much faster clip then I normally do. This trip the only other cyclists moving faster were the ultra serious, spandex clad ones.
On the way home I did a bit of exploring on some trails I hadn't been on before, then realized I was really just stalling and headed for the bridge. On the way over, I tried to convince myself that weather was moving in, reminded myself that I had a MUSH with PRIDE conference call I had to be home for, etc, etc - all good 'excuses' for taking a shorter, easier route home but when I hit the bridge with a "SUCK IT UP PRINCESS" I turned onto it.

As I started pedaling up the switchbacks, I reminded myself of a friend's advice to just use a low gear and 'let the bike do the work'. What a load of *&^*$# that was!!! I am certain my bike did none of the work!!!!
About a third of the way up I caught up with a shirtless, pony tailed man walking his bike up. As I passed by him, he said in a heavy French accent "You are doing much better then I". He was nice enough looking that I wanted to say something clever and charming, but my oxygen deprived brain just wouldn't cooperate. Oh well, even if it had, I'm certain if I quit wheezing long enough to speak, my left lung would have escaped via one of my nostrils.
I gave a charming smile my best effort, but I'm fairly certain it came out looking like a twisted grimace!

Then much sooner then I expected I hit the top of the climb. I debated doing a small dance of joy at my accomplishment, but it was likely a passing car would have called the cops on me or some such thing. I settled for a couple pics -

...the top of the hill

...and me

Honestly, I thought my face would look alot redder, it certainly felt that way!!

I took a couple deep breaths (actually, I was very pleased at how quickly the wheezing stopped and my heart quit trying to jump out of my chest) and pedaled off humming away to myself.

Mission accomplished!!!


darby said...

+1 for the Edmonton river valley! Every time I think how much I hate the city I remind myself of how awesome our river valley is.

BADASmusher said...

Well done! I love victories! Little or Big!

Marilyn said...

Wow, you are my idol!