Tuesday 21 December 2010

Back On The PRT

It was below -30C here at the kennel this morning. That is really beyond the temperature tolerance of the ATVs, so it seemed like a good excuse to truck dogs up to the Peace River Trail for a sled run.  
As the dog truck wouldn't for sure start after 4 or 5 hours sitting out at -30, Mark and Bet drove the dogs, Richard and I to the start of the trail. The 'Pit Crew' did a few errands and then Mark studied for an upcoming exam he is taking to kill the rest of the time.

Getting ready to go...

The trail had had no traffic on it since it started dumping snow a week ago.

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Richard and his team.

My awesome crew.

Richard's team, lead by Dasher and Runner.

Running along the Athabasca River.

There was a lot of wildlife signs down along the river, but we just saw one moose hanging out.

Taking turns breaking trail.

Roscoe and Charge

Heading home into the sunset.

Shortly after this the camera froze and pictures were no longer an option. Those things happen at -30!!!



Mike Criss said...

Beautiful photos Karen. We still only have a dusting of snow over ice here in Wasilla. One of my huskies slipped and hurt his leg. Waiting for more snow

BADASmusher said...

I LOVE THAT TRAIL! Great photos as always... I especially like the "icing" decoration on the fence at the bridge... We got dumped on here in California... several feet of snow has fallen in the higher elevations where we train just in the last 4-5 days... Sometimes there is such thing a s too much snow...." but it will be there for several months to go sledding on...I also love the pic of Roscoe and Charge sitting there....

canadog.boarding said...

Breaking trail indeed! Beautiful huskies!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos! There are so many that I just love. I agree w/the other comments.
Karen, I was wondering if that was exceptionally cold for this time of year or is that a normal temp? I don't know how you deal w/it. You are so dedicated.
As always, I just can't get enough of your wonderful photography.
In case I don't have time to see the blog tomorrow have a wonderful Christmas & blessings to the entire NW family.
Holiday hugs & howls, Sitka's Mom Lisa

Anonymous said...

Just a question, is there a difference between the weight and running of the atv compared to the sled? Would the sled be an "easier pull" than the ATV? ATV=weight training? ;-) or is it just "different" ?