Sunday 12 December 2010

North Wapiti Sweatpants - Kara

Howdy all of my fans, Kara here.

While the Musher, Musher-guy, and Richard have been out training, I've been perched on my cloud thinking of new ways to generate some income to support my Dentastix habit... I mean support the Musher and the Pretty Sled Dogs during racing season.

I tried to come up with something that the Musher's fans could use while they waited for race updates and still feel like a part of the races.  The fire marshal felt that there would be too much liability to sell Musher spontaneous combustion pants.  I tried to auction Bait on e-Bay, but they had some rule about selling live animals, and an autographed planter cost too much to ship.

That only left me with one really cool thing... well, its not really cool, its actually warm and fleecy, but its cool to wear at home and out on the town!

Introducing the one and only, really comfy and stylish North Wapiti sweat pants (or as the cartoonist calls them: sleepy pants)
These are high quality, top of the line sweatpants, complete with pockets so you can carry Dentastix, your phone, Dentastix, or just about anything else, but you should carry Dentastix in them!

These sweatpants feature the kennel logo on the front, and fun paw prints trotting up the side of the right pant leg (the marketing woman made me say that, I'd like to add that the paw prints are printed on, we didn't run all over the pants with our muddy feet... I know, printed isn't as good, but they'll last longer than muddy paw prints).

Ok, get ready for more marketing lady lingo:
They have a covered elastic waistband with an inside drawcord and elastic bottom leg openings.  Made by Jerzees of a pill-resistant (but not fur resistant) 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. 

Made from the same folks who did the red sweatshirts last season (I'd like to add that if you haven't gotten a sweatshirt yet, I think they're still available, and would make a whole matching really cool ensemble suitable for any event), and blah blah, marketing lady stuff... you just need to buy them.

We have the following sizes:

We've included a paypal button on the right side of the blog for US orders only.  Due to the confusing international shipping rates, we will need you to tell us where you are, then how many pairs you want, then we have to get on some super computer and punch in a bunch of numbers and come up with a shipping total for you.  Thankfully I have nothing to do with that, you'll need to contact someone else for international orders, or if you want to pay by check.

As soon as Marketing woman gets me that information, I'll add it to the blog along with an order form.

So, order yours now!  I'm running low on Dentastix.


Julie said...

I'd love a to order some sweatpants but my hubby wants to know if they come with a Siberian too!
He has fallen in love with yours. Since our last Sibe died we are missing our Siberian love and fur.

granimar said...

Kara, you are really funny, how about colors?---not dentastix, the pants !!! One color?

Kara said...

Yes, there's only one color: black.
I specifically chose black so that fluff will show up better on them.


German Shepherd Mom said...

Are the sizes mens or womens?

Pat in MN said...

Great idea - more info please.

Kara said...

The Cartoonist is 5 foot 6 inches, and weighs about 130. She's rocking a pair of mediums that are a little baggy, but so absolutely comfy that she refuses to change out of them.

Kara said...

Dear Pat in MN... what type of info?