Friday, 17 December 2010

Barking Mad

I'm working hard on my British slang - a by product of living with a Brit - so today when Richard passed me on our run and I saw THIS -

....he's BARKING MAD was the first thing that sprang to mind.

In case you didn't realize what exactly you were seeing in the above picture, let me show you again...

That is TRAMP in lead on the right. TRAMP!!! Little 'bark in everyone's face', 'show your little fangs to everyone you run next to' TRAMP!! She really is a hard working little gal, but she is annoying to whoever is driving her and whoever the unfortunate dog next to her is.

He left the yard with Bingo and Bang in lead, but apparently Bingo wasn't having a good run and Tramp "looked like she wanted to go".

In Richard's defense, she did really well. She was even quiet, although she did let her attitude come out every now and again. Here she is on our break...

Can you tell she thinks highly of herself???

So, I guess we have a new up and coming leader.



mgailt said...

The picture alone is hilarious, Karen. It pretty tells the story all by itself! You just can't ever tell about these "late blossomers"!

granimar said...

A friend of ours was talking about a cat hat had moved in with them---He has a real "catitude". The picture would say that Tramp has a real "Trampitude" Too funny, Tramp.

Katerina said...

She reminds me SO much of Skittles, on the last picture - sitting all by herself to show that she is sticking out of the crowd. Aaaah, those Olena daughters! Never problem with confidence, eh?! (just to sharpen my Canadian slang) LOL
BTW - Love the word Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

that cracks me up cuz i have one of those too. He's brilliant but boy annoying as all hell with all the talking and bossing around he does. all he needs is some pup or person to stand up to him and he's actually good, but you wouldn't know it by NOT standing up to him. he's such a dork. but you gotta love him.