Friday 17 December 2010


As I'm sure you all gathered from my blogs, Tuesday was not a stellar day in the kennel. It will go in the books as one I will always remember, but hope to never repeat.
Wednesday, however, was I day I hope to repeat over and over for the rest of the winter (and many winters beyond). We broke out the dog sleds!!! Wahooooooo!!!

We have had A LOT of snow in the past few days and unlike many big kennels, we don't live on a groomed trail system or even own a snow machine, so trail breaking was the task at hand. Veteran leaders were selected for this - Jinx and Rocket for me, Dasher and Bingo for Richard!
To round off the teams I had Bang and Meg; Crunch and Q, Utin and Astro. Richard had Billie and Casey, Shooter and Roscoe, TopDog and Wolvie.

The trails were very deep - up to the dog's chests and occasionally above it.

We took turns putting each team out front....

...and everyone did a nice solid job.

It'll take a bit more work before the trails are completely in and set, but this was a great start...

...and a good amount of FUN!!


Pat in MN said...

I meant to comment on your Tuesday blog but didn't get around to it so I will comment on this happier blog. My sympathies on your losses in Geriatric Park. It made me find and re-read your post from July 4, 2010 where members of Geriatric Park were being interrogated for their digging activity! It was yet another good blog with great photos. I guess that puts Junior's and Batdog's moms at the top end of Geriatric Park. Give them a hug from us.

Anonymous said...

Yay Billie! I'm glad to hear you were helping with the trails today!

Karen Ramstead said...

Actually, Mannie is at the top of that list. He will be 15 in January!!