Friday 17 December 2010

Sweatpants Details... Details, Come on I'm a Busy Dog - Kara

Ok everyone, apparently just saying that there are really comfy sweatpants with cool North Wapiti and dog prints on them to support my Dentastix habit isn't enough details.  Here are more details:

1.) No, they do not come with a Siberian, but they will probably come with Siberian fur on them.

2.) One color?  Yes, one color: black.  I'm color blind so you're lucky everything actually "goes" together.  Plus, Siberian fluff shows up better on black.

3.) Are the sizes men's or women's?  The manufacturer calls them unisex, which means there's only one wheel... oh wait, that's unicycle, so I guess unisex means there's one set of sizes for both men and woman.  I was informed by Meeshka that the cartoonist is 5 foot 6 inches and about 130 pounds (which is a generous assessment) and is comfy in the size Medium sweatpants with room to expand... which she'll probably do over the holidays. 

4.) There is a waistband string that you can use to adjust the waistband (and its a complete loop, not two ends that always come out and then its impossible to thread through the waistband again), and elastic on the bottom of the legs. 

5.) They have pockets!

Here is a picture of Keith sporting a pair of them, and Nahanni is doing her best to rub against them and cover them in fluff.

The buy button is over there on the right side of the blog near the top, so get your very own, very fleecy and warm and totally stylish North Wapiti sweat pants while supplies last!



Donna Q. said...

Love my sweatpants, considering I live in sweats. These are very soft and warm. Of course, mine are covered in dog fur now too. :)

granimar said...

Hey Keith, the sweat pants look great. I ordered a pair and am waiting. I'll bet having Nahinni close by had Kara giving you extra care. Just teasing :-) Bloth you anf Nahinni are looking good and ready for real winter.

Snarky said...

I'm ordering as fast as I can. Don't tell Meeshka that I haven't ordered yet!
Thanks Kara!
Kristin, always known as Kodi's mum