Thursday, 3 March 2011

And She's Off... we think - Bet

Bet here, your not so roving Border Collie Reporter, reporting here from the North Wapiti Nerve Center, the Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC)!

As I write this, the Musher and 10 Curly Tails are off (we think) on their exciting 200 mile race at the Torch River Run in beautiful Saskatchawan!  Unfortunately... the Torch River Run web site is a bit... slow.  The Torch River Run "blog" is a bit... really slow.

Lucky for all of the North Wapiti fans, you have a crack team of reporters to give you the insider news and tidbits during this two day race!

I will be providing color commentary throughout the race.

Kara tells me that she has contacts inside the Torch River Run organizers and will provide information even before the organizers know about it.

Finally, we'll get the "cat's eye view" from our foreign correspondent Bait, just back from his stint in the Sherpa jail thanks to Joice Himawan's generous bail donation.  Um, just between you and me, Bait's been a bit weird since he's been back.  He's sporting a fresh new tattoo and insists on being called MC Kitteh, so just humor him, ok?  He also appears to be using his claws to file a blade out of a Popsicle stick, so we'd rather not set him off until we can get the counselor in here.

When the Musher was back home, we managed to tag her while she was sleeping with a special type of tracking device similar to what aliens use, except we just hid it in her hat.  We hope the technology holds up in the cold weather so we can track her as she and the curly tails enjoy their race, but in the past its been a bit problematic due to user (Musher) error.  You may recall that during the Iditarod, the Musher dropper her Iditarod tracker on the trail and a snow machine picked it up.  For a while we all thought the pretty curly tails were running at 35 miles per hour and were quite impressed.

On top of being able to track her using high tech satellite something or others, Kara has just delivered to me raw video footage of the start!  I told you Kara had insider contacts!  I haven't seen the video, but she assures me that its very exciting, and she also doesn't want people to ruin the cool surprise in the video by posting the surprise on the blog comments (or Facebook comments if you are reading the blog from Facebook), so that everyone can enjoy it for themselves!

I can't wait to see it for myself, I hope you enjoy it... click here for the start video!

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Either my laptop is wacky or the link for the race start is not connecting. It took me too a You Tube video of Rick Rolld. There certainly weren't any huskies in it. Some singing that they might have enjoyed but that's all.
Maybe I can try it tomorrow. In the meantime I want to wish Karen & the Curly Tails the best of luck.
Will anxiously wait for more news Friday.
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Ashley said...

that is what you are supposed to see. it is an internet prank that naughty Bet and Kara played on us. No waffles for you Bet. And Kara thought you were too old for silly games- no Dentastix for you. What these silly pups get into when the Musher is away...

granimar said...

Bet, methinks that Kara outfoxed you and the rest of us too.
Gr-r-r-r Kara. I'm glad I click on the dog food button and not the dentastix button----I used to be tempted to change buttons.