Friday, 11 March 2011

Puppy Time

Since the main string is on time off our focus today switched to puppies!!

My first team booking it down the trail. Puppies Mighty and Molly in wheel.
Richard's team in front

Molly and Mighty

Richard's team

Richard telling the puppies what a great job they are doing!


My team - Smartie and Wonder; Grimmy and Crackle; Molly and Mighty

Richard creating rooster tails

Heading home.

My second team. Pups Scud and Squib in wheel.

Richard's team working their way out of the valley.

Richard giving Todd some loving!

JACK - yes JACK and Moses in lead; Tie and Todd; Pop and Sherwood

Hector and Rocky; Snert and Grit; Scud and Squib

A good friend, great dogs, a beautiful day .... does it get any better???


Karen_SanDiego said...

Can't ask for much more... So nice to see the next generation of North Wapiti Rock Stars !!

Anonymous said...

Go JACK! Your mom KitKat would be so proud if she knew how good you look pulling and working.

khovakisiberians said...

Nice-looking pups, Karen. Great teamwork, puppies! :)

Jenny Glen said...

So funny to see the pups going down the trial - bumping into eachother and then spreading out wide! It will be neat to see them start to get it and learn how to run.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day & those pups look so great pulling the sleds. Looks like you have tons of snow up there!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Sitka's Mom, Lisa