Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Let's Get Ready to MUSH! - Bet

Howdy-ho everybody, its your roving Border Collie reporter, Bet, reporting from the North Wapiti Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC): AKA the cloud!

Yes, its that time again!  Time for the Musher and Richard to pack up and head out to another race, and this time its the Torch River Run in scenic (been there, done that) Saskatchewan. 

Yep, just when you think its time to kick back, relax, eat some waffles, its time for another race!

I'm sure all of you will be disappointed that I won't be going along on this trip (I'll pause here while you all weep a little), but never fear!  I will be able to keep track of the mushers right here from my cushy reporter nerve center!

This trip, which will begin at midnight tonight will consist of only the Musher and Richard, and of course, the curly tails. 

The Musher will be taking on the challenging 10-dog race, which is 200 miles and starts tomorrow.

Richard will be taking on the equally challenging 6-dog race, which is 80 miles and starts on Friday.  Both races will finish on Saturday.  Since I don't have opposable thumbs and can't drive a stick, I won't be able to move the truck where it needs to be, therefore I will be staying here for this trip.

Don't fret though, we have ways of keeping track of events and I also have to post some tidbits from the last race, so keep checking back for updates and don't forget to cheer on the Musher and Richard on the North Wapiti Facebook page (we're so socially networked you know).

And now the moment you've been waiting for, the line up for the race!!!!

Karen's team consists of:


Jinx is sponsored by Kathy Clark!  Thank you Kathy!


Rocket is doing the dance of happiness because she's sponsored by Deb Custer!  Thanks Deb!


 See is sponsored by Marlene Daniels!  Thank you Marlene!

Tess is sponsored by Marlene Daniels!  Thanks again Marlene!

Charge is currently on hold for sponsorship

Turtle (the Amazing)

Turtle is sponsored by Kathryn and Pete Trussell, and Frank and Paula Langenstein!  Thank you all!

Crunchie is sponsored by Dana and Judy Keveldar!  Thank you Dana and Judy!


Q is sponsored by Donna Quante!  Thanks Donna!

 Wolvie is sponsored by Carolyn Martin, Rob and Colleen Wolf, and Brenda Potter!  Thanks everyone!

WiFi is sponsored by Tammy Taylor, Marlene Daniels, & Diana Miller!
Thank you all!

Richard's team consists of:

Runner is sponsored by Maureen Zavodjancik!  Thank you Maureen!


 Bang is sponsored by Kathy Carmichael!  Thank you Kathy!


 Shooter is sponsored by Tammy Taylor of Maryland!  Thank you Tammy!


Astro is a true rookie and will be racing for the first time in the Torch River Run.  Astro doesn't have a sponsor yet, so if you'd like to Sponsor poor Astro so he can at least afford a bath, click on the  "Sponsor A Dog" Add to Cart button and sponsor Astro for $250.00!


Irving is sponsored by Mary Curtis!  Thank you Mary!


Barq is sponsored by Cheryl Dawson, Gloria Scheetz, and Laura Slay (Friends of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue)


Kathryn said...

Good luck Karen and Richard. Hope the curly tails stay healthy for you both.

Bet, keep up the good job.

mary said...

Good luck Richard--hope Irving takes good care of you!-- Mary

mary said...

Good luck, Richard. Hope Irving takes good care of you!

Anonymous said...

Go NW teams! Have fun, stay healthy & may the wind be @ your backs!!!
We'll be waiting to hear about your progress from that "ever so comical" roving reporter, Bet!!
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Bakavi said...

I can't sponsor Astro but he sure is gorgeous!!! mud and all. he should do very well. whose team will he be running on?
Good luck to both but the lucky one just might get Astro.
Look at those legs.

Bakavi said...

Wifi, we love you too. do a great job for the musher. You are beautiful. Stay healthy and enjoy your run.

Nannette Morgan said...

Warm woofs and good luck to Karen and Richard. WiFi - Your sis Cricket sends her best and says "you go, bro!"