Friday, 11 March 2011

Its So Pretty! - Bet

Howdy ho everyone!  Bet, your lounging Boarder Collie reporter here!

As I'm sure you saw earlier, my own private masseuse is back, and thanks to his wonderful magic fingers, the debilitating toe cramps are gone and I can once again post!

You may have noticed that we've changed the look of the blog.  It was all squishy and filled with stuff and things and very busy, so I managed to herd it into a more acceptable arrangement with the help of the Nyquil swigging Cartoonist.

We've moved some things around, so I just want to point out that the sponsor buttons, cool merchandise stuff, and other gizmos are farther down on the page on the right paw side.

Speaking of cool merchandise stuff, I wanted to remind everyone of the cool sweater thing we're doing now.  I won't go into details about how to get it, and all of the other cool things you could get with it, because I already did that earlier, so I'll just tell you to click on this right here to find out the details.

We have had a lot of interest, but we need some more people to get in on the action, so I hired a professional model to demonstrate just how wonderful the cowabou sweater really is.

Here is the beautiful Nahanni wearing the sweater:
Um... Nahanni, can you look a little more enthused and happy?  Come on, we're trying to sell this thing, you have to work it girl!
Sigh... I guess if that's as good as it gets, I'll take it.  Way to sell it.

Anyhoo!  Its a really nice sweater, really it is, and you can show your cowabou pride and help the Pretty Sled Dogs!

- Bet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Bet,
So glad your paws are back in shape!
Thanks for showing us the sweater again because I had forgotten how 'cowabou'tiful it is. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if Nahanni would deliver it!!! I can't believe how beautiful she is!!!! I think she did a wonderful job showing how fabulous the sweater will look on any shaped person.
Have a great day & enjoy your comfy paws. Richard is a great guy & you sure looked cute w/him yesterday.
Sitka's Mom, Lisa