Friday, 4 March 2011

An Announcement From The BCBC - Cricket

As the General Manager, and head of Security for North Wapiti compound, and the Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC), it has come to my attention that one of the BCBC correspondents, Kara, has played a practical joke on the North Wapiti viewing audience.

Kara's use of the "Rick Roll" was inexcusable and will not be tolerated.

I assure you that as GM and head of Security, I take my job very seriously, and the correspondent has been summarily suspended from reporter responsibilities at North Wapiti.  If Kara had used the annoying, yet addictive "Numa Numa" video, or the mind numbing "Cat, I'm a kitty cat" video, we would have fired her from her position immediately.

I will not stand for frivolity and mischief on my watch!

I have also investigated reports that Bait has returned from Sherpa jail with a tattoo and demonstrating deviant  behavior.  My investigation has found that the "tattoo" was merely a sticker, and forensics have shown oddly familiar black husky fluff and dentastix residue on the sticky side of the sticker.  We are investigating some leads at this point, but do not have a definitive suspect.  Bait is not cooperating in the investigation.

Kara has decided to end her lease on the Cloud for use by the BCBC as the nerve center for reporting, and as General Manager, I am looking for another site for use in reporting on North Wapiti events.  Space is at a premium here at North Wapiti.

I think I have found a suitable location for the BCBC, and construction on the nerve center will begin this spring. 
In the meantime, Bet will be reporting from the living room chair.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled race updates.




Anonymous said...

Cricket, so nice to hear from you! You have such a demanding job at NorthWapiti and now you have these new responsibilities. I hope you will be getting some extra vacation time at the end of this race. In the meantime, good luck trying to keep everyone in line there!

Pat in MN said...

Since when is Cricket willing to give up the wine barrel flower pot?? I suppose because patrol duty is cutting into nap time - it IS a big job at NW! Thanks for the blog. Good luck to all.

Cricket said...


You forgot about this post:

- Cricket

granimar said...

Cricket, I just knew you'd be on the job ferreting out what's what. I'll bet Kara didn't even snicker while you were watching !!
You just keep on keepin' on keeping NW safe. Good job !!

Anonymous said...

After I started watching the Rick Roll'd videos I realized how funny it was. There are some crazy pranks being done w/that. Sorry to sound so stupid yesterday. I had never heard of Rick Roll'd before.
Just goes to show you how educational these blogs are!
Hope the race is going well.
Sitka's Mom